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Launched in July 2011, NeverLazy Magazine draws from the energies and passions of self-driven talents, with the hope of inspiring and motivating readers to follow their own dreams. NeverLazy is a quarterly art, design and culture magazine that breathes creativity.

In the past four years, our network of contributors and readers has become increasingly international, spanning global cities from London to New York and Milan to Seoul. To date, we are incredibly proud to say we have collaborated with over 270 emerging and established creative minds, ranging from fashion designers and illustrators to design studios and writers.
Founder & Features Editor
Abbie Cohen

Founder & Art Editor
Jessie Cohen

Al Brydon, p16
Photographer, United Kingdom
“I go out and make photographs even when I don't
feel like it – especially when I don't feel like it."

Julie Cockburn, p54
Fine Artist, London
“My father always used to tell me to ‘pause a minute’.
As I get older, I realise what good advice it is.”

Gosia Herba, p74
Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Wrocław
“Kind people tend to fuel me with good energy.”

Ari Weinkle, p94
Artist & Designer, Boston
“Often, my most successful ideas
are born out mistakes."

Marijke Buurlage, p114
Illustrator, Leeuwarden
“People should be able to recognise
your work immediately."
Aditya Pratama, p136
Illustrator & Designer, Jakarta
"Sometimes I want to hide from a lot of things,
but other times I also have the urge to show
myself, my frame of mind and my story.”

Davide Cambria, p162
Artist, London
“It's always a question of time, patience and luck.”

Six & Five Studio, p184
Graphic Designers, Buenos Aires
“We like to take a material to a place that
is uncomfortable and that allows it to be
the protagonist of our work.”

Hardy Seiler, p230
Designer, Hanover
“Graphic design is like a sport: every day
is a new race, every project is a way
to perfect skills.”
   Autumn 2015
NeverLazy Magazine's Autumn 2015 issue is available to read digitally from September 7th on Issuu. Discover the portfolios and work processes of 21 artists, designers and photographers.

The Autumn 2015 issue is our nineteenth in the series, covered by South Korean creative duo Shimyup and Seri Lee. It features twelve exclusive editorial stories and eleven interviews.
We are always looking to work with artists, designers, photographers and writers in the visual arts, design and fashion fields. We constantly seek to excite and inspire, and invite you to become part of our project. Get in touch with six to 10 pieces of work or an unpublished editorial story, along with a short personal statement:


Due to the high volume of submissions received, we unfortunately cannot respond to all contributors. If successful, you will hear back from us within two weeks’ time.
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Please address any queries, feedback and requests to the Editors:


NeverLazy Magazine is a purely digital publication that's ad-free and accessible to all. Its Editors are currently based in London. There are no job openings at NeverLazy Magazine right now, although we are constantly looking to collaborate with interesting artists, designers and photographers.

For all copyright information & legal bits, please refer to the Disclaimer at the end of each issue, or email us for a copy of our submission terms and guidelines.

Images: Oda Bakkeli Eide, Gosia Herba and Anna Breda.
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