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NeverLazy Magazine launched in July 2011 in an attempt to seek inspiration from creative people with striking portfolios, and become a driving force behind each reader’s own productivity and creative achievements. NeverLazy is a quarterly art, design and culture magazine continuously aiming to ‘breathe creativity’.

In the past three years, the network of contributors and readers involved in NeverLazy has become increasingly international, spanning global cities from London to New York and Milan to Seoul. To date, NeverLazy is fortunate to have collaborated with over 250 emerging and established global creatve minds, ranging from fashion designers and illustrators to design studios and writers.
Founder & Features Editor
Abbie Cohen

Founder & Art Editor
Jessie Cohen

Patricia Bolinches, p154
Illustrator, Valencia
“There’s nothing as enriching as learning,
sharing ideas and experimenting with them.”

Christine Ai, p64
Photographer, Sydney
“Stay focused, know what your end-goal is,
and work to it no matter what.”

Richard Vergez, p176
Illustrator, Brooklyn
“I believe collage is about taste and visual
knowledge, not so much about skill.”

Liselore Frowijn, p86
Fashion Designer, Amsterdam
"I wanted to create a collection that is full
of energy and eclecticism.”

Owen Gent, p206
Illustrator, Bristol
“I always try to portray the place where melancholy
and beauty sit in balance with each other.”
Kunihiko Matsuba, p28
Architect, Tokyo
“Architecture has taught me that I am
the only person who can clear my own path.”

Mitar Terzic, p250
Photographer, Alicante
“In my work I do not chase after stories
– I invent them on my own.”

Dani Bower, p144
Photographer, Leicester
“Once I started to photograph dance everything
else seemed less alive.”

Agata Królak, p120
Illustrator, Gdańsk
“Mistakes are often what make an illustration
beautiful and memorable.”

Scarlett Casciello, p240
Photographer, London/Beijing
“Be aware of everything around you – this makes you
better and stronger as a photographer or artist.”
   Spring 2015
NeverLazy Magazine's Spring 2015 issue is available to read digitally from March 2nd on Issuu. Discover the portfolios and work processes of twenty five artists, designers and photographers.

The Spring 2015 issue is our seventeenth in the series, covered by photographer Melissa Harrison, and featuring sixteen exclusive editorial stories and ten interviews.
We are always looking to work with artists, designers, photographers and writers in the following relevant fields: visual arts, design and fashion. We want to create an exciting global hub of inspiration and are welcoming you to be a part of it. Get in touch with 6 to 10 pieces of work or your unpublished editorial story, along with a short personal statement:


Due to the high volume of submissions received, we unfortunately cannot respond to all contributors. If successful, you will hear back from us within two weeks’ time.
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Please address any queries, feedback, media partnership and/or affiliation requests to the Editors:


NeverLazy Magazine is solely a digital publication, and the Editors are currently based between London and Paris. There are no job openings at NeverLazy Magazine right now, but please feel free to share your work with us as we’d love to see it!

For all copyright information & legal bits, please refer to the Disclaimer at the end of each issue, or email us if you would like a copy of our submission terms and guidelines.

Images: Clara Cohen, Agata Krolak, Elina Babicheva
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